Eye Lash Growth Serum – The Natural Way to Beautiful Eyelashes

Eye Lash Growth Serum
If you’re after that celebrity look then there’s no doubt that beautiful eye lashes should be top of your makeover list.

Unfortunately, not every woman can be blessed with having long thick lashes but there are several ways that you can improve on what mother nature provided.

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Fake eye lashes appear to be all the rage at the moment, just check out Kim Kardasians eyelashes. They are a quick and simple way to drastically improve your look in the shortest time but in the long term they can cause more bad than good

Why are my eye lashes so thin?

There could be several reasons why your natural eye lashes are thin or short. Health issues and hormone imbalances can explain sudden changes in growth rate and while you may not have full control over this you can practice eating a healthy diet to ensure that this isn’t the cause.

Using cosmetics such as mascara and eyeliner can actually dry out the hair follicles and make them more sensitive. This can lead to itchiness and once you start plucking things are going to turn sour quickly.

If you’ve worn false eyelashes  regularly you may find that your natural lashes have been weakened.

Lastly genetics can play a part. Not much you can do here unless some genius invents gene therapy that targets lashes.

Using a growth serum to aid hair growth

Eye lash growth serum is actually made up of natural oils and minerals such as nettle, honey and kelp extract that will gradually thicken and strengthen the hair as it regrows. Moisturizing agents condition the hair and keep it flexible and less likely to break.

Although effects are not instant like fake lashes most should start to see a differencein as little as one month as the lashes start to grow back longer, thicker darker and fuller

The nice thing about using a lash growth serum is that you’re improving your natural lash line meaning that you can look great even when you’re not wearing make up.

The trouble with fake eye lashes

Many people turn to false (fake) eyelashes for that quick beauty boost but there are side effects that you should be aware of before you take that route.

One of the most common problems are allergic reactions to glue itself. Not all adhesives are created equal and some latex based ones can cause irritation, sensitivity and in some cases a reaction in those prone to allergies.

Other glues can be toxic (impregnated with formaldehyde) or smelly so research before you buy and test them first before your big night.

Long lashes also act as bacteria traps which can lead to fungal infections and serious eye diseases such as conjunctivitis which if not treated early enough can lead to permanent damage.

Prolonged use of fake eyelashes can actually loosen the original hairs beneath and leave you with less lashes than you started with and that’s assuming that you haven’t already glued your eyelids by mistake.

Of course once you’ve applied your fake lashes you need to take extra special care with them. No rubbing or pulling and it may be best to avoid swimming and certain makes of mascara that can remove the glue. The last thing that you need is for them to fall of at an inconvenient time.

Avoid eye lash curlers

eyelash curlersI realize that most women would rather walk on hot coals than give up on their eye lash curler but this simple tool could actually be hurting your chances of growing long lashes.

Without a doubt, having curled eyelashes will make your eye lashes look fuller and help highlight your eyes but there is a hidden danger in using curlers that you may not be aware of.

Basically curlers are tough on your delicate eye lash hairs. The tension needed to curl the lashes is often enough to break and snap them leaving you with less hairs and destroying the look that you were actually aiming for in the first place.

A less abrasive way is to wet the end of your finger and gently lift the hairs up and away from you eye. Above all do not pull on your eye lashes, not only is it a bad habit to get into you’ll end up with bald patches.

Mascara, Mascara

Using a mascara brush is a bit of an art that is best not practiced while you’re driving to work in the morning. It’s easy to slip and scratch the surface of the eye which could lead to all sorts of infections. So take your time and do it right unless you want to end up looking like a panda from Beijing zoo.

TIP When using mascara, always wiggle the brush side to side to prevent any clumps.

Don’t hang on to old dried up mascara, replace it every few months to ensure that you get that smooth finish. Clumpy eye lashes is not a look that you want.

Eye Lash Enhancers are Natural Alternatives

Eye lash enhancers such as Idol Lash can help you grow your natural lashes longer and avoid the pitfalls of false eyelashes. The effect is not as immediate as with fake lashes as it can take a few weeks for the hairs to grow to their full potential but in the long term you can have chemical free lashes that look beautiful even without makeup being applied.

Are you ready for beautiful lashes?

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