Boost your Breast Size Naturally without Surgery

boost your breast size naturally

Let’s be honest, pretty much everyone is fascinated by boobs. Men go nuts for them, women have a love hate relationship with them and babies can’t get enough of them. Nevertheless may women find themselves worrying over their breast size especially those with smaller boobs.

It’s estimated that more than 300,000 women get breast augmentation each year in the United States, a figure that appears to be recession proof. It’s not surprising really, why wouldn’t a woman want to make herself more confident.

But surgery is invasive and not for everyone. Not only is it expensive, but get yourself a bad surgeon and you could be badly scarred for life.

according to information from the International Journal of Sexual Health around 70% of women are unhappy with their breasts.

Non surgical breast enhancement

There are several non-surgical breast enhancement techniques that won’t cost the earth and show varying amount of success. From Wonderbra’s to creams here are a few of the most popular types.

The Wonderful Wonderbra

For a quick fix there is always the ever popular Wonderbra. Developed in the later years of the 1930s it gained mass popularity in the ’90s. The push-up Wonderbra is a simple way to perk up your figure and add some cleavage.

There are also silicone bra inserts available that enhance your breast shape although some women find these a little heavy.

Gain some weight

Breasts are made of glandular tissue and fat and as such they tend to increase in size as you put on weight. With many women turning to fitness to stay healthy it’s normal to lose fat in the chest area first. So if you don’t mind a slightly fuller figure eat a few more calories and watch your breasts grow as well.

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Topical Creams

These creams have been around for a while and while the thinking around them may make sense there is little scientific data to support the notion. That’s not to say that they don’t work as there are some women that claim to see results it’s just that most don’t.

They are supposed to work by increasing a woman’s natural estrogen level with most creams containing combinations of red clover extract or aloe vera. It’s well known that estrogen triggers breast growth, it happens during puberty, the trouble is that after this time your body manages to quickly stabilize estrogen levels, so these types of medication only work for a short period of time before they become ineffective.

Suction Devices

There are some breast enhancement vacuum devices that claim to be able to boost your boost by a cup or so. The top of the line Brava, which will set you back the best part of a grand, and its cheaper alternative the Noogleberry use suction cups that cover the whole breast to promote growth.

Change your diet

There there are the supplements and dietary pills that are flooding the internet. Most claim to contain natural herbs to help promote breast growth. Many are just estrogen enhancers. Some of the popular treatments use vitamin e, fenugreek seed extract, dong quai root extract, blessed thistle, kelp and dandelion and L-Tyrosene

Foods such as soy contain isoflavones which are also capable of  activating the estrogen receptors in the body to create a similar effect.

Exercise those pecs

Simple exercises such as push ups is said by some to help strengthen the connective tissue of the breast. Firming up the underlying pectoral muscles and surrounding tissue can help prevent the breasts from sagging a little.

Some online breast enhancement programs combine diet, creams and exercise together in an attempt to create a more effective treatment.

Want to avoid saggy breasts?

Then quit smoking. Chemicals in cigarettes are capable of breaking down the body’s elastin causing your boobs to sag.

Compared to surgery all of the methods described here are relatively cheap so if you’re looking to have larger, firmer looking breasts by stimulating your body’s natural growth process it may be worth giving one of them a shot.

The non-invasive enhancement programs generally offer some sort of money back guarantee so the biggest risk is that you try them and not see any change.

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