7 Foods Diabetics Should Avoid at all costs

Foods Diabetics Should AvoidDiabetics are usually very sensitive to changes in insulin level. As a result, it is very important that diabetics watch what they are eating in addition to their daily routine in order to live a healthy life. The foods that are listed in this article are the ones that should be avoided by diabetics as they can cause spiking of blood sugar as well as increasing the risk of diabetes complications.

 Being a Diabetic often means that you miss out on some of life’s little treats but isn’t your health more important?

Below are some of the worst offenders for wrecking havoc on your sensitive blood-sugar balance.

1. Candy

High sugar foods such as candy, syrup, cookies and soda not only lack nutritional value, but also cause a huge spike in the levels of blood sugar hence contributing to weight gain. These two will worsen the diabetes complications. Whenever you feel the urge to satisfy your sweet tooth, do not reach for the candy. Instead, snack on some high-quality carbohydrates such as fresh fruits. Apples, oranges, pears, grapes and berries all have sweet flavors and are full of fiber which helps in the slow uptake of glucose by the body. This makes them an ideal option for blood sugar control.

2. Fruit Juice

Even though whole fruits are healthy for diabetics, this is not the case with fruit juice. Fruit juice may have more nutritional benefit as compared to soda and other sugary drinks. However, fruit juices are chock full of fruit sugar and usually lead to a sudden spike in blood sugar. Leaving a glass of fruit juice for the fiber packed fruit counterpart goes a long way in assisting you to control healthy sugar levels.

3. Raisins

Even though eating raisins and other dried fruits can be a much healthier alternative than cookies, they may still increase your blood sugar. The reason behind this is that during the process of dehydrating the fruits, the natural sugars in the fruit become extemely concentrated. This causes a sudden increase in blood sugar when quickly taken up by the body. This is why one should stick with fresh, whole fruits such as peaches, strawberry and grapefruit.

4. Pancakes and Syrup

This is the absolute worst breakfast for someone diabetic. Most pancakes are plate size and are made with sugary white flour. This means that putting away a stack of three large ones is the same as eating seven slices of white bread. The toppings complicate things even further as butter is full of saturated fat which may end up clogging the arteries. A half-cup of syrup on the other hand is like adding 16 spoons of sugar into your breakfast. This will send your blood sugar into a tail spin and should always be avoided.

5. French Fries

A lot of fried foods can wreck havoc on the level of blood sugar in your body. Doughnuts, potato chips and French fries are especially bad for diabetics since they are made of starchy materials that can cause the levels of blood glucose to elevate. Fried foods also soak up a lot of oil when they are cooking. This results into plenty of additional calories that are better avoided when considering your diet.

6. White Bread

Anything that has been cooked using white flour behaves just like sugar once incorporated into the body. This is why whole grains are a better choice since they cause a slow but steady increase in blood sugar levels and are also richer in fiber. Instead of having white bread for breakfast, you can opt for a whole-grain muffin. For dinner, you can replace white carbohydrates with healthier alternatives such as brown rice, whole-wheat bread and barley in order to reduce the impact on the level of your blood sugar.

7. Whole Milk

Last but not least on our list of foods diabetics should avoid is whole milk. A diet that is high in terms of saturated fat can make the insulin resistance even worse. Instead of whole milk, you can opt for low-fat or skimmed milk instead. You should also try as much as you can to avoid other whole-milk dairy products such as full-fat yoghurt, cream cheese and cream. Instead, go for their reduced-fat alternatives whenever possible.

foods diabetics should always avoid

If you’re a diabetic try to avoid these foods

But that sucks ! I thought food was supposed to be fun?

Sure, there are plenty of foods that you cannot eat if you are diabetic and as you can see most of these foods are either high in carbohydrates, high in fats, contain added sugar or excess sodium. The good news, or just less bad news depending upon how you look at it, is that these are mostly foods that are high in calories and so are not particularly good for you anyway. Even if you weren’t diabetic you’d be advised to steer clear of them.

In conclusion, what you eat can determine how you live. As a diabetic, it is important to avoid foods that will lead to a spike in the levels of blood sugar. Saturated fats should also be avoided as well as dried fruits. Instead, opt for reduced-fat dairy products and whole, fresh fruits.
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